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  1. "Letters To The Editor" NYA Times-Contrarian In a new feature on NYA, Neil Young is now publishing "Letters To The Editor" -- and actually responding?! Most of the current letters deal with the Detroit solo show debacle. Other letter topics include NYA content and audio quality. Really great to see how seriously fan input is to Neil. But probably the best response so far is when someone
  2. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile Anthem, Washington, DC - November 7, 2017 Photo by thrashette Courtney Barnett recorded a cover of "Houses", Elyse Weinberg's 1968 song with Neil Young. The clip starts with “Charity” from Courtney Barnett's latest album Tell Me How You Really Feel. Elyse Weinberg's 1968 song "Houses" is a pretty obscure amongst Neil Young fans as we discussed when digital uploads
  3. Here's something different for all of our TW supporters and detractors. Apparently, our recent posting on Neil Young's Big Decision On Archives: Facebook and Social Responsibility seems to have hit a nerve somewhere. So thanks for all the great comments -- both supportive and otherwise. We've responded on the thread. But onto something different. Why a Johnny Cash video? Why choose "
  4. The NYA Dilemma? Once again, Neil Young speaks truth to power as he faces a "big decision" on access to his Archives due to Facebook's lack of social responsibility. In a recent posing on NYA Times-Contrarian, Neil Young writes that: "Censorship is a big responsibility and the Social Media Giant is seemingly not up to defending democracy, at least not yet." NYA Times-Contrarian The issue of
  5. The "The Monsanto Years" reign of toxic terrorism is finally nearing the end at long last. In a major legal victory against Monsanto, a jury verdict in the case of Dewayne Johnson vs. Monsanto Co., awarded $289.2 million in damages to plaintiff Dwayne Johnson, a former school groundskeeper who, after being required to spray Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is terminally ill with non-Hodgkin

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Gast (Andreas Koch)
Das waren großartige Konzerte! Auch wenn es ungewohnt ist Nils Lofgren an Poncho's Stelle zu sehen.....
Gast (Andreas Koch)
Es wäre schön, wenn der Meister noch einmal über den großen Teich zu uns kommt. Dann müssen wir nich...
Gast (Holger Wolters)
Vor 43 Jahren war es DAS Lied, welches ich für meine größte unerfüllte Jugendliebe mit vielen Tränen...
Gast (Holger Wolters)
Vor 43 Jahren war es DAS Lied, welches ich für meine größte unerfüllte Jugendliebe mit vielen Tränen...