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An unofficial news blog for Neil Young fans from Thrasher's Wheat with concert and album updates, reviews, analysis, and other Rock & Roll ramblings. Separating the wheat from the chaff since 1996.
  1. Heart of Gold Xray Image by Shelby Leuin, M.D., and Jason Handwerker, M.D. Via The New England Journal of Medicine We've seen and heard Neil Young's song "Heart of Gold" in literally thousands of contexts over the decades, but here's yet another new variation. Here's a late Valentine's Day update to our original post last week. From Image of the Week: "Heart of Gold" | The New England Journal
  2. Remembering Bob Casale: Devo Performing ‘Hey Hey, My My’ With Neil Young— Jam Buzz (@jambuzzblog) February 17, 2019 Remembering Bob Casale: Devo Performing ‘Hey Hey, My My’ With Neil Young Holy shit! Have you guys heard the new Son Volt? Jay Farrar is channeling a heavy Neil Young vibe.— Brian Cummings (@B_inShortsville) February 17, 2019 Son
  3. A little something different today... Here's a video of a guitarist from Britain named Fil (aka "Wings of Pegasus") with some analysis of Neil Young's writing at the tender age of 26. The song "Old Man" from BBC 1971 broadcast is analyzed from 7 angles to Sunday. "There is nothing lost between what Neil Young feels, what he plays, and what the audience experiences."SPOILER ALERT: the video
  4. "Stumblin’ with Neil" Neil Young Archives Kurt Vile's music has been heavily influenced by his love of Neil Young's music. Now, Kurt Vile has curated his own Neil Young playlist for Neil Young Archives. NYA says: We’re stoked to start off this week’s Subscriber’s News with the announcement of a brand new feature here at the Archives: Curated Playlists! Every once in a while somebody special is
  5. Happy Valentine's Day! It's been roughly 45+ years now since "Heart of Gold" entered our lives, and we'd like to wish that every day could be Valentine's Day. And no Neil Young song seems to say Happy Valentine's Day more than "Harvest Moon" it would seem by gauging the song's popularity as a "First Dance" song. So there comes a time for a delightfully heart-warming little love story or ..

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