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An unofficial news blog for Neil Young fans from Thrasher's Wheat with concert and album updates, reviews, analysis, and other Rock & Roll ramblings. Separating the wheat from the chaff since 1996.
  1. "don’t forget love BARN" Neil Young - 2021(via Neil Young Archives | Twitter)Yet again, we interrupt  our  "unplanned/forced sabbatical" here at Thrasher's Wheat, with an update on Neil Young news.Here is a curated summary of some of Neil Young's  most interesting answers to Letters to the Editor | Times-Contrarian |  Neil Young Archives by Robert Broadfoot.From Members | Neil Young
  2. ​ Neil Young's 2007 Chrome Dreams Continental Tour(image via Sugar Mountain + Setlist) We interrupt  our  "unplanned/forced sabbatical" here at Thrasher's Wheat, with  an update on a new concert stream of Neil Young.Another full concert has been uploaded to the Concert Performance Timeline on Neil Young Archives @ United Palace - New York City, New York, Dec 16, 2007.  "Timeline Concert of the
  3. Neil Young on his 74th - November 12, 2019 via Instagram First off, Neil Young is 76 years young today, November 12. So Happy Birthday Neil!!!As noted last year on Neil Young's 75th birthday, his outstanding moral character can be demonstrated with his efforts for The Bridge School (USA) and Farm Aid (USA), as just two examples. Neil Young & Bridge Kids @ Bridge School Benefit Concert 2011
  4. Dean Stockwell: 1936 - 2021Lifetime actor Dean Stockwell has passed away at age 85.Actor-writer Dean Stockwell and Neil Young have had a long friendship that goes back many years. After The Gold Rush by Neil Young (1970)The most well known connection between Dean Stockwell and Neil Young is regarding the 1970 album After the Gold Rush, which was inspired by a screenplay that Stockwell wrote and
  5. "Sometimes I think that I know What love's all about And when I see the light I know I'll be all right. Philadelphia."Neil Young Performing "Philadelphia"  1994 Academy Awards Ceremony Neil Young's song "Philadelphia" -- from the 1993 Jonathan Demme film "Philadelphia" --  received an Academy Award nomination  and Young performed the song during the Oscar ceremony in 1994. Both Bruce

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