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An unofficial news blog for Neil Young fans from Thrasher's Wheat with concert and album updates, reviews, analysis, and other Rock & Roll ramblings. Separating the wheat from the chaff since 1996.
  1. Neil Young Archives Volumes #I & #II (via FarmAidians Paul & Rene)  Here is a recent contribution on the question of what will Neil Young Archives Vol. 4 contain from Neil Young Unreleased - NYU by Robert Broadfoot.  I am up at 5 am trying to condense V4 into 35 years!!!!.” Taking Neil’s recent comments at face value - that Archives Volume 4 may span the
  2. Dave Matthews with Jason Isbell  (Click photo to enlarge) Here is a cover of Neil Young’s "Cortez the Killer" by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds with Jason Isbell joining in Cancun, Mexico on Feb 15, 2024. Or, as described succinctly by AL.com:"A trio of musicians born in Alabama, South Africa and Germany wowed fans in Mexico by playing a song about a 16th century Spanish
  3. "Fu##n' Up" AlbumNeil & the Horse (Click photo to enlarge)  It would appear that Neil Young has "rebranded" his band Crazy Horse with a new logo and name change."The Rider" no longer appears on horse back in the iconic logo.  And "Crazy" has been dropped to simply "The Horse".  Neil Young & Crazy Horse Alchemy Concert Tour - 2012 Which brings us to our Comment of
  4. Great "New" OuttakesT-C | Neil Young Archives (Click photo to enlarge) "New" outtakes have been posted to NYA including a studio version of "Last Dance" with the Stray Gators and a 2011 version of "Broken Arrow" with the reunited Buffalo Springfield.T-C | Neil Young Archives The 9  "New" outtakes are accompanied with notes by Archivist John O., along with links to previous
  5. Crazy Horse w/ Micah Nelson(replacing Nils Lofgren)image via Rusted Moon For the turnstiles... yet again.Whenever Neil Young goes on tour, there always seems to be a hitch somewhere along the line for the fans. (See "I said solo...they said acoustic") "I said solo... they said acoustic" - 2011 T-Shirt(see Neil Young News)    So who will be the "new" Poncho on the 2024 “Love

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