Montag, April 15, 2024

Crazy Horse erzählt - Interview mit Frank “Poncho” Sampedro

" Young was dealing with writer’s block when he set out last year to tell his story in an autobiography, the just-released Waging Heavy Peace. The process of examining his past opened Young up and he went into the studio to record two remarkable albums with Crazy Horse — Americana, dramatic rearrangements of folk music standards based on some of the earliest performances Young recalls playing in Canada; and the sprawling, autobiographical Psychedelic Pill, an album that is likely to take its place beside some of the best Crazy Horse work. ... "

"There was a period where Neil would start saying, “I remember the day I was lookin’ in the mirror, just lookin’ in the mirror, and my father said to me, ‘Son, you’re just a fuck up.’” We’ve all had days like that. You’d be working on something and all of a sudden you’ve busted dad’s tools or whatever. "

ganzes Interview: auf OFFBEAT.

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