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An unofficial news blog for Neil Young fans from Thrasher's Wheat with concert and album updates, reviews, analysis, and other Rock & Roll ramblings. Separating the wheat from the chaff since 1996.
  1. "The masses have been cheated!" Neil Young: "The Rebel Speaks" MOJO 293 – April 2018 The latest issue of MOJO Magazine (#293 – April 2018) has Neil Young on the cover and a world-exclusive interview "The Rebel Speaks". NEIL YOUNG – ROCK’S ULTIMATE REBEL – stars on an extra-special, gold-emblazoned MOJO cover. Inside, in a world-exclusive interview, he holds forth on Crazy Horse, Donald Trump
  2. Nils Lofgren and Neil Young have a very long history and go all the way back to the "After the Gold Rush" days when Lofgren was only 17 years old. Here is an interview with Nils Lofgren where he discusses recording "Southern Man" for Neil Young's album "After the Gold Rush" (Thanks Joe Lookout!). More on Nils Lofgren and Neil Young. Nils Lofgren w/ Neil Young - "Believe" 29th Annual Bridge
  3. NYA Times-Contrarian Neil Young declares that "Vinyl is KING" in his latest posting on NYA Times-Contrarian. The article describes how NYA vinyl releases are produced along with high resolution digital files and then are streamed via on Xstream on NYA. Neil Young Archives Also, see: Neil Young Returns To #1 On The Charts! Ask The Archivist: The Neil Young Archives (NYA) "FREE THE MUSIC":
  4. Happy Valentine's Day! It's been roughly 45+ years now since "Heart of Gold" entered our lives, and we'd like to wish that every day could be Valentine's Day. And no Neil Young song seems to say Happy Valentine's Day more than "Harvest Moon" it would seem by gauging the song's popularity as a "First Dance" song. So there comes a time for a delightfully heart-warming little love story or ..
  5. Neil Young's "Ditch Quadrilogy": "Time Fades Away", "Tonight’s the Night", "On the Beach" & "ZUMA" Recently, we posted here on TW a post titled The Beautiful, Enduring Gloom of Neil Young's Ditch Trilogy, which generated some comments on whether this "trilogy" label is actually applicable. Neil Young's Ditch Trilogy -- consisting of "Time Fades Away", "Tonight’s the Night" & "On the Beach" --

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Gast (christian)
mein bestes concert das ich bisher gesehen habe !!! GREAT !!! christian aus münchen
Gast (christian)
mein bestes concert das ich bisher gesehen habe ! GREAT ! christian aus münchen
Gast (Ulrich)
... ich schließe mich an!
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Donald verstarb am 13. Mai 2012 in Tokio im Schlaf. RIP
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Versuch Nummer zwei hier! Freu mich über die Übersetzung. Bin auch Musiker und liebe diesen Song!!! ...