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Neil Young News

An unofficial news blog for Neil Young fans from Thrasher's Wheat with concert and album updates, reviews, analysis, and other Rock & Roll ramblings. Separating the wheat from the chaff since 1996.
  1. Neil Young's "On The Beach": The Images Behind The Album Cover
    "The Drought" & "On The Beach" Recently, we posted on Neil Young's Decade: The Images Behind The Album Cover , which brought on a discussion of the various fonts used on Neil Young's album cover art. (Thanks Mr Tew!) Neil Young's "On The Beach" album cover is considered to be one of his most creative and intriguing designs in his vast catalog. Is that a rocket ship in the sand? Who drank the can
    UNCUT NEIL YOUNG - THE COMPLETE STORY Here's the last call for the latest Thrasher's Wheat contest. Uncut is publishing an updated version of its "Ultimate Music Guide: Neil Young "as a one-off 'bookazine'. And thanks to the good folks at UNCUT, we have a copy here at TW to giveaway in a contest. Full details here.
  3. Neil Young's Decade: The Images Behind The Album Cover
    Uncropped Image for Neil Young's Decade by Tom Wilkes (Click photo to enlarge) As we reported earlier this week, Neil Young’s Decade album -- long out of print -- will be re-released on Record Store Day, April 22. As evidenced by the comments here on Thrasher's Wheat, Neil Young’s Decade album is much beloved by longtime fans and -- for many -- served as the gateway album to Neil's musical
  4. Neil Young’s Decade To Be Re-Released on Record Store Day, April 22
    Neil Young Vinyl Shopping - April 16, 2011* Plan9 Music, Richmond, Virginia Photo by Emaleigh Franzak As you may recall, Neil Young showed his support of Vinyl & Independent Record Stores back in 2011, on International Record Day. Now comes word that Neil Young’s Decade album -- long out of print -- will be re-released on Record Store Day, April 22. This will be a 3-LP, Black Vinyl Set and
  5. Rick James and Neil Young: Drawn and Recorded
    As everyone knows, there is a very interesting history between Neil Young and Rick James. And if you are not up to speed on the incredible back story of Neil Young and Rick James, then you are in luck because an edition of Spotify's series "Drawn & Recorded" tackles the subject as only an animation series could possibly do. Producer T-Bone Burnett, along with illustrator Drew Christie and

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