Sonntag, August 20, 2017
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  1. The Private European Neil Young’s not coming Rust Fest 2017
      Those German Zumans, they sure know how to throw a great party. Human Highway style…     When Gerd Kellner heard Neil Young wasn’t offering any European tours this summer, he took the matter into his own hands and organized the The Private European Neil Young’s not coming Rust Fest 2017 Aug 4 & 5 in Markneukirchen at the […]
  2. Happy Eastern
    In fine Zuman tradition….         Children wearing masks walk in a street during “Bele Poklade” carnival celebrations in the village of Lozovik, south of  Belgrade. “Bele Poklade” has its roots in old pagan customs and is marked annually seven weeks before Easter. Children walk through the village to collect eggs, and at […]
  3. Moar Zuidhorn
    Albert the Lighthouse reports that it was a great day in Holland attending the 2017 Zuidhorn Neil Young Festival.    Held in the Netherlands on April 8, the musical event attracted a total of 370 Zumans and Rusties from Holland and Germany, Canada and England.   “Great bands and promotions!” Albert said.     (Can you spot the Wolle?)   […]
  4. Neil Young Festival Zuidhorn 2017
    2017 Neil Young Festival held in Zuidhorn, in northeastern Netherlands.   You may recognize some of our German Zuman family in this video.     I can see Wolle in the midst of it all playing his guitar. Are you in there Albert? I did spot Roland and Sandra S. in another video. Please, some photos of […]
  5. Remembering Rainer
    Remembering Rainer   9/30/64 to 4/2/14   The reverberation often exceeds — through silence — the sound that sets it off; The reaction occasionally outdoes — by way of repose — the event that stimulated it; and the past not uncommonly takes a while to happen, and some long time to figure out. ~Ken Kesey, […]

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Gast (Thomas)
Ein Versuch Da sind Farben auf der Straße Rot, Weiß und Blau Leute schlagen ihre Füße Leute schlaf...
Gast (Andrea)
das meint etwa das selbe, meine ich
Love this! Does the Neil puppet take requests?
Gast (Rabasch)
Wieder mal ne tolle Geschichte vom Steffen. LG aus Bärlin
Gast (GuitarMike)
Mag sein dass dieses Lied so übersetzt wurde dass es auch auf Deutsch singbar ist. Jedoch ist es nic...
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