Freitag, März 24, 2017
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  1. My Pledge
    “Everywhere I look I see people alone..”   Then this beauty comes along, and there’s that flash of genius as Neil’s storytelling comes to life, a narrative sing-talk, maybe a slow rap, maybe some teepee talk on a long winter’s night… beneath the Hudson Bay blanket… And a guitar.   When was the last time you sent a […]
  2. RAW
    Has hell fricking frozen over? First Trump, then the Kurdish hacker and now HH featuring Pegi and her painful break from Neil. Why couldn’t it have been a Turkish hacker and then maybe I could get the missing seasons of Magnificent Century translated with English subtitles. →Yes, it’s happening, and yes, this is the woman we […]
  3. Hacked By BLABLA
    Hacked By BLABLA Kurdish Hacker Here If you want Fix Problem Website … ! Contact Me via Gmail : no thx Contact Me Via Facebook : no thx
  4. Happy Birthday to the boys
    Scorpio Birthday Boys                 For their mothers who gave birth on this day…     May you both continue to follow your dreams along the Human Highway…….  
  5. All day presidents look out windows
      Today, a game-changing U.S. Presidential Election will set the course this country will embark upon.   MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD                         Even Richard Nixon has got it…    

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Gast (c. laser)
tja, es macht traurig, aber ich denke wohl, so geht es ganz vielen menschen, denen es eigentlich an ...
Gast (Jens)
Wie wärs dann mit einer besseren Übersetzung? Jede Hilfe ist willkommen.
Gast (Roger)
Kreuzfalsche Übersetzung...eine Katastrophe und weit weg vom Original!!!
Gast (Not dark yet)
Gemeint ist: "Es ist besser in Flammen aufzugehen, als langsam zu verglühen."
Gast (Kennethjsherwood)
It is happened that I really love reading this kind of articles. I don’t know, but I love it. The si...
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